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Recruitment – Finding the best people

Are you looking to recruit for your business? Tossing up between doing it yourself or engaging a recruitment agency? There are pros and cons of both.

Doing it yourself is great if you have the time and the knowledge although there’s a myriad of things to consider even before you interview:

  • Defining skills and attributes you seek in a candidate,
  • where to advertise, how to write a great ad, and
  • whether or not to respond to every applicant.

It all takes time, and you’re only partway through the process.

The cost of recruitment agencies

The recruitment agency option is easier, but the cost? It depends on the position. On average, you can expect to pay between 15-25% of the candidate’s annual salary as a placement fee. On a $50K position that’s $7500 – $12500. Expensive, right?

And that “candidate replacement” guarantee agencies offer if your employee doesn’t work out? That benefits no one but the agency.  

Like a smarter alternative? Find an expert to show you how to recruit effectively!

Hire the right people the first time with Bare Bones Consulting

Bare Bones Consulting is a recruitment expert and can show you the techniques to recruit like a pro…landing the right person the first time.

We can assist in attracting the best people to your advertising, guide your interview and selection process and introduce you to online personal assessment tools for the perfect candidate fit.

There’s no rocket science behind our approach; it doesn’t take a huge investment in time to see genuine improvement in your recruitment processes and, once you know how to recruit effectively, you’ll recoup your Bare Bones Consulting expense time and time again.

You may discover that finding the right people for your business is nowhere near as time-consuming and expensive once you’re using the techniques used by recruitment professionals!

Like to know more? One call is all it takes.

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