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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Bare Bones Consulting?

We’re flexible and experienced enough to offer something for all sized businesses: small, medium and large.

Small business without a dedicated HR professional: you’d know there is employment legislation specific to businesses with fewer than 15 employees. We can show you the employment documents, structures and strategies that best match your small business needs, why you need these and how to get you started. You might be surprised at just how easy getting your HR system up to professional standard really is!

Medium sized business with a single HR professional or small HR team: this person may require occasional assistance or mentoring to develop their confidence and capability. Who better than someone who’s worked at HR Manager level across a variety of industries and sectors:  been there, done that and done it successfully? You’ll recoup your original investment over and over.

Large business with a dedicated HR team requiring skilled assistance in times of peak workload: human resources, employee relations, industrial relations policy review, volume recruitment, leave coverage, organisational restructures, employee satisfaction surveys, special projects, downsizing…we can work within your existing processes as well as offering experienced suggestions on how to tackle your HR project.

Not 100% aware of how a HR expert can improve your business? Contact us today to enquire.

I don’t know a lot about HR and don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Our Activate! program is designed specifically for you.

This is an interactive half-day workshop to discuss your current HR structure, define your business objectives and agree on key priorities to underpin a human resources strategy that’s right for you.

What locations can Bare Bones Consulting service?

Although we are based on the Gold Coast, our HR services are available to employers and businesses across Australia. We even have clients from the USA, UK and China we’ve assisted to set up the HR function of their Australian operations.

No matter where you’re located, we’re ready to bring our HR expertise to you.

Call now on 0401 279 065

What can Bare Bones Consulting bring to my business?

More business through better performing and motivated employees. Peace of mind knowing your HR function is up to date and will operate seamlessly behind the scenes while you grow your business.

We can help you develop a HR structure that improves employee productivity, minimises risk, prevents costly mistakes from happening and, on the odd occasion one does, help navigate you through this. And it’s probably less drama and at a lower cost than you think.

Why Bare Bones Consulting as opposed to another HR consulting firm?

You wouldn’t trust your business finances to an Accountant without relevant experience and qualifications…why would you not do similar checks and balances on someone coming into your business to work with your most valuable asset? Ask your HR Consultant these questions:

  • Have you actually worked as a Human Resources Manager?
  • How long ago was this?
  • In what industries have you worked?
  • Do you have tertiary qualifications in Human Resources?

Greg Bowmer is an experienced Human Resources Manager with tertiary qualifications in HR Management and Industrial Relations. Greg’s human resources experience spans 20 years across corporate, blue collar and fly-in fly-out workplaces, taking his first HR Manager role in 2004 and following with senior experience across industries as diverse as Hospitality, IT, Healthcare, Sales, Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction and Manufacturing. If you’re seeking a Consultant with genuine HR management level experience who knows how to implement systems to add value to your business, Bare Bones Consulting is the logical choice.

Bare Bones Consulting? That’s no name for a serious HR Consulting business…what’s with that?

While people can often be complex, your systems to manage them don’t have to be. Our name reflects our approach to Human Resources based on 20 years in the game: start with a simple HR structure tailored to your business and go from there.

If you already have a HR system in place, keep everything that works. If it’s outdated, not relevant to your needs or not working, why keep it?

We don’t seek to reinvent the wheel; we simply ensure you have the right HR wheel for your business. Done well, the Bare Bones approach is a smart starting point to build upon. We can show you how.

My business isn’t large enough to warrant a dedicated HR professional. Why am I reading this?

You know why…business can always be better. And your people and systems to manage them effectively are the key to your success. HR is a specialist field but many businesses can’t afford a full time HR professional as a member of staff. Outsourcing this segment of your business to an expert is a smart option. Let Bare Bones Consulting show you how smart.

How do I know when I have the right HR function in place?

No rocket science here…you’ll see and hear it right in front of you. You have up to date employee records and workplace policies that are simple, relevant to your business, current and well communicated. Your people know what their job is, they have the skills to do it well, your Team Leaders confidently and effectively deal with their team members’ workplace problems and your employee turnover goes down.

Everyone’s aware in what direction the business intends to head, how each individual contributes to your goals and they feel their contribution is recognised. They put forward their ideas, tell you they enjoy coming to work and refer people to work with your business. They know there’s a future for them with you and, on the odd occasion they fall off the rails, they’re confident you’ll support them to get back on track.

Sound good? Welcome aboard Bare Bones Consulting’s vision for your business. We can help you get there.

Is it going to cost me to speak with you about how Bare Bones Consulting can help my business?

Yes it is. It will cost you coffee. We’ll even flip a coin for this if you like.

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Note: Bare Bones Consulting provides HR services for employers. Employees seeking advice on workplace concerns should contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94.