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3 HR things to do in 2022

Here’s 3 HR things to do in 2022 to start your year off right.

1. Paying your people: right Award/right classification/right rate

This one seems a no brainer but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen Award-covered employees being paid incorrectly. Making sure you get things right starts with identifying the applicable Award for that particular position (and different positions often means coverage under different Awards) and from there, being sure you pay the correct hourly rate for the position classification within that Award, including overtime, applicable allowances and penalty rates.

If you pay your employees an annualised salary, make sure you hold the appropriate records required by Fair Work Ombudsman for this type of arrangement. Employers now need to record an annual wage arrangement in writing and give their employees a copy. This has to include:

  • the annual wage that will be paid
  • which award entitlements are included in the annual wage
  • how the annual wage has been calculated, including any assumptions used in the calculation
  • the maximum (or ‘outer limit’) number of penalty hours and overtime hours the employee can work in a pay period or roster cycle without extra payment.

The employer must also record the employee’s:

  • starting and finishing times
  • unpaid breaks taken.

Employees have to acknowledge the record of hours they’ve worked is correct by signing in writing or electronically at the end of every pay period or roster cycle. This record is used for annual reconciliations.

Think things will be OK if you get it wrong? Think again. Check out the Fair Work Ombudsman Media Releases page for examples of employers who have paid the price.

2. Recognise your high performers

Your high performers are simply the ones your business cannot live without. January is often the time high performers make up their minds to seek better career opportunities so now is the optimum time to identify flight risk individuals and put in place a strategy to recognise their value. A recognition and reward strategy doesn’t necessarily mean paying more money…in fact more dollars generally does not equate to higher performance or improved job satisfaction. What does? Depends on the individual. And identifying the engagement triggers of each of your team can be simpler than you think.

3. Do something about your underperformers

Be honest: every business has at least one. And it costs you to keep carrying them…in more ways than one. No one likes the thought of going through the drama of dismissing an employee but addressing underperformance doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of the offender…it just means you make the commitment this is not going to continue this year and you take steps to address the matter.

Having your own business can be the best job in the world. But employing and keeping the right people? Sometimes not so much. Bare Bones Consulting can troubleshoot any employment matter to make the HR side of your operation simple, stress-free and cost effective. And that’s time, money and improved blood pressure readings for you. Sound good? Make it happen.

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