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4 day work week: what to consider

In the second of our 2-part series, we weigh up what you should consider before moving to a 4 day work week.

As we discovered in our last blog, the 4 day work week currently being promoted is the 100-80-100 model – 100% of the pay, 80% of the time at work – on the condition employees maintain a 100% output.

Like any change management initiative, both employers and employees should carefully evaluate pros and cons of a 4 day work week before diving in.

The good stuff

  • An extra day freed up from work
  • Potential for better work/life balance and wellbeing
  • Cost savings on transport, lunches, childcare and employee facilities

The not so good stuff

  • Delivering at least the same amount work in fewer days
  • Risk of working beyond the hours promoted
  • Does not suit every business model

Forbes has an excellent article on factors you should consider before implementing a 4 day workweek. These include:

  • Don’t take a one size fits all approach
  • Set the parameters for work hours
  • Focus on business continuity
  • How customers might be impacted
  • Be clear about performance expectations

When Henry Ford gave his workers a five-day week in 1926, having Saturdays off was seen as a revolutionary shift to the typical work week. For most working Australians, the two-day weekend was born on New Year’s Day 1948. On that day the 40-hour five day working week – approved by the Commonwealth Arbitration Court the previous September – came into effect. Why is this relevant? Simply because we’ve been working a 5 day week for over 70 years. Logic alone would support the argument technological developments now make it possible for employees to accomplish the same amount of work in less time while still ensuring customers aren’t disadvantaged.

Like to know more about a shorter working week? Bare Bones Consulting can assist with advice on the 100-80-100 model as well as other 4 day working arrangements such the compressed week or part time status employment. We offer a complimentary first consultation and pride ourselves on being a little better than our competitors: from the quality of our advice, our innovative strategies and tailored HR solutions we offer. Check out our FAQ page to learn a little more on what we can bring to you. And we’re available 7 days!

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