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Outsourcing your HR? Activate! is for you

In the course of promoting Bare Bones Consulting we visit a lot of employers. Some know exactly what they want, some have a general idea what they might need while others admit to knowing very little about HR. And this got us thinking…

Most business owners are subject matter experts in their particular field: a Pastry Chef opens a wedding cake business, partners with a hospitality background launch a café, a motorcycle mechanic and a metal fabricator open a custom motorcycle shop…and so on. As a rule however, most business owners aren’t experts in finance, marketing, IT or HR….or the myriad of other business functions that offer a business the best chance of success. So what happens? They go without (not smart), learn themselves (time consuming) or, they outsource these functions to experts.

Outsourcing a business function you’re not an expert in makes sense. But there’s a fair bit to consider:

  • Which Consultant should I choose?
  • What will outsourcing cost?
  • Everyone claims to be an expert…how can I be sure they can back up their claims?
  • Will they provide outsourcing that’s right for me or simply what’s right for them?

Outsourcing some or all of your Human Resources function is a big step. Get it wrong and that’s your money you’re watching your Consultant skip away with. Perhaps there should be a step in between thinking you may need a HR Consultant and actually committing to the expense of hiring one?

Bare Bones Consulting’s Activate! workshop is your solution. Take the guesswork out of the equation and take the smarter option to outsourcing. You’ll walk out of Activate! knowing what you need to know about HR and what’s possible when you have the right HR function in place. Check Activate! out here:

Call us today for a chat about Activate! or any of our HR services. We know Human Resources, we know how to manage HR risk and we know how to get the best from people…and that adds up to a smarter, stronger, faster business for you.

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