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Business Success at the Right Price: it’s Sitting Right in Front of You

Googling “business success” returns 691,000,ooo results.

Even with my relaxed workload that’s a lot of articles to read so, in the spirit of saving you some time, I’m giving away the secret in a single article. Read on Grasshopper…

Make Customers Feel Special

In an earlier life, I worked in hospitality. After experience in a number of 5-star hotels I realised many of the facilities on offer between properties were very similar: comparable per-night rates, beautiful rooms and the opportunity to indulge in fine dining or a selection of more relaxed options.

Given these similarities, I started to wonder whether there might be any consistent factors influencing a guest to stay in the same hotel on a repeat basis. At morning meetings, the GM would read out extracts from guest feedback cards and, while negative responses often pinpointed a specific issue around facilities, positive comments consistently named hotel staff who had gone over and above the expectations of guests. These comments generally weren’t around the guest being offered anything material in nature; more around being remembered by name, being treated professionally and (I recall this specifically as it was mentioned regularly) “being made to feel special”.

To add anticipation to this blog, I’d be tempted to say one day I had an epiphany about business success. Unfortunately, my epiphanies tend to wash over me (as opposed to strike) but I slowly came to recognise three things:

1. It’s not about the number of services on offer; it’s the service.

2. Offering great service is free.

3. Any business lucky enough to have an employee with an “over and above service mentality” should do everything in its power to retain this person and use them as a role model to other team members.

Don’t just throw money at the problem

Reflect on these three things in the context of any business…take cafes for example. I have no idea how many cafes may be operating on the Gold Coast but let’s take one thousand as a random figure. Even assuming fifty per cent don’t make coffee to your taste, that’s still five hundred places to get a decent cup. You’re not going to frequent a café with great coffee if the service stinks. And you’re not going to return to a restaurant, mechanic, real estate agent, clothes shop, vet or any other business where the service is average if there’s someone down the road offering great service.

Businesses often throw money at problems as a first response. If you’re seeking business success through repeat customers, why not consider something that is simple, free and sitting right in front of you: service? You may be surprised at the return on your investment.

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