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Employee records keeping – termination of employment

Excellent question Mr X and yes, you have employee records keeping requirements for any termination you action.

As well as your obligations to hold accurate and complete records for all employees (e.g.: time worked, wages paid and the issuing of pay slips within a designated timeframe) there are specific requirements around the records you must hold when an employee is dismissed.

Diving straight into the horse’s mouth, the Fair Work Regulations 2009-Reg 3.40 states:

For subsection 535(1) of the Act, if an employee’s employment is terminated, a kind of employee record that the employer must make and keep is a record that sets out:

(a) whether the employment was terminated:
(i) by consent; or
(ii) by notice; or
(iii) summarily; or
(iv) in some other manner (specifying the manner); and

(b) the name of the person who acted to terminate the employment.

This is something worth getting right. The Fair Work Ombudsman may pursue a number of enforcement actions in relation to contraventions of record-keeping and pay slip obligations. The maximum fines payable from an infringement notice are:

  • $1260 per contravention – for an individual
  • $6300 per contravention – for a corporation

If an employer’s failure to meet record-keeping obligations is serious, wilful or repetitive, Fair Work Inspectors may recommend the matter be taken to court, with maximum penalties available to a court for record-keeping and pay slip contraventions being:

  • $12,600 per contravention for an individual
  • $63,000 per contravention for a corporation

But wait. There’s more…a court may find that record-keeping contraventions are ‘serious contraventions’ if they occurred knowingly and as part of a systematic pattern of conduct. The maximum penalties for serious contraventions are:

  • $126,000 per contravention for an individual
  • $630,000 per contravention for a corporation

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