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The Employment Cycle-smart business HR

Want smart business HR? Check out Bare Bones Consulting’s Employment Cycle.

At Bare Bones Consulting, we consider HR from your perspective. We understand you want simplicity, results and value for money solutions to your HR challenges. Our approach is based on the Employment Cycle: a simple, no nonsense concept comprising 4 elements.

  1. Attract

Smart employers recognise what sets their business apart is not the product or service they offer, but the employees delivering that service. But genuine talent is scarce. So it makes sense to start with a structured plan to attract the best. Employers who put the same level of thought into employee attraction as they do with their customer acquisition strategy will be one step ahead of the competition. We can show you where to start.

  1. Recruit

The root cause of most hiring is poor employee retention. Get that part right and you’ll recruit less. End of story.

  1. Retain

Ready to have your mind blown? Holding onto your best people is not all about the money. A meta-analysis reviewing over 120 years of research to synthesize findings from 92 quantitative studies (including cross cultural comparison between the U.S., India, Australia, Britain, and Taiwan), found that pay level is only marginally related to job satisfaction.

So if it’s not money, what keeps the best employees with your business? Engagement. While there are many ways to define engagement, we like this one: an engaged employee treats your business as if it’s their own. They look for ways to increase revenue and decrease expenses every day, bring in new customers, look after the assets of the business, speak positively about you to their friends and co-workers…all things you do as an owner. Visualise everyone in your team doing that…and where your business could be this time next year as a result of it.

Finding out each individual’s engagement trigger (or triggers) is the key. This one’s simple. And we can show you how.

  1. Terminate

Termination of employment doesn’t necessarily mean firing an employee. It can mean any reason the employment relationship comes to an end: dismissal, resignation or redundancy.

Whatever the reason, ending employment well is a smart investment; not only to manage your risk around unfair dismissal and general protections claims (and if you don’t know what this term is, you should) but to ensure the departing employee remembers their time with you in the most positive manner.

The recency effect reflects the way our brains are hardwired to remember information that was presented to us most recently. A departing employee is likely to recall their time with your business from the way you last interacted with them. Get this step right and your Employment Cycle is complete…and working for you.

The Employment Cycle is a cornerstone of the Bare Bones Consulting service offering. When we work with you to incorporate each element into your HR function, you’ll see benefits across the board:

  • access to a deeper candidate pool
  • recruit the right person first time
  • retain your top performers
  • less employee conflicts and grievances
  • improved productivity, quality and revenue
  • reduced HR risk

Sounds good, right? Leave it with you…you know where to reach us.

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