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Employment documents – what you really need

So you have a small to medium sized business and employ staff. You’re not a HR expert and, while you know it’s important to have some employment documents in place, you’re not sure what you really need. Let’s cut through the HR Consultant spin to point you in the right direction.

Before you meet with a HR Consultant, ask yourself the following:

  • What employment documents do I currently have in place?
  • What documents do I think I need?
  • Is there a gap between the two?
  • How many employees are currently on board and how many do I foresee hiring in the near future?
  • What are the goals of my business?
  • Who is going to be using these HR documents…myself as owner, an Administration person or one of your team who will be balancing HR with their primary role?
  • What business culture would I like to build?

Some Consultants push a package of documents to SME’s. Sounds fine in theory but make sure you only pay for what you really need. Don’t be shy to ask questions; most HR is relatively straightforward (ssshhh…HR people often hate hearing this) so, if you’re not sure of a document’s purpose, ask your Consultant why they are recommending this. You should also weigh up your requirements in balancing what you really need against what HR structure you’ve heard big business has: many larger organisations are bogged down in policies and procedures which often roadblock their employees’ success

At Bare Bones Consulting, we recommend any business holds a minimum of 6 employment documents. Here’s our top 3:

  1. New Employee Details Form
  2. Contract of Employment (or Offer of Engagement)
  3. Position Description

Your business is unique. If you’re considering purchasing a pack of documents make sure these are tailored to your business. Before you commit to purchase make sure you’re comfortable you know what each document is for, how these benefit you now and how they can be modified to grow as you do.

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