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Fair Work Commission Annual Report 2016-2017

The Fair Work Commission Annual Report provides information about the Commission’s achievements, corporate arrangement and performance. At 222 pages, this year’s report is a marathon read (but down from last year’s 243 pages so maybe take the glass half full approach) although key information is readily accessible in tabled summaries. Here’s a snapshot around one hot topic for employers: unfair dismissal.

In 2016–17, 14,135 unfair dismissal applications were lodged. Commission staff conducted 13,172 conciliation conferences, 310 more conferences than in 2015–16. Unfair dismissal applications continued to be the most common application, making up approximately 43 per cent of total applications filed.

In 2016–17, the Commission met the target of a median of 34 days between lodgement and conciliation of unfair dismissal applications.

The report also provides details of monetary amounts (including, but not limited to, compensation) agreed by the parties as part of terms of settlement. More than 20 per cent involved payments of less than $2,000, almost 67 per cent of payments were less than $6,000, and 84 per cent were less than $10,000. Of the 7,194 conciliations involving monetary terms, 32 cases are listed as being settled for amounts in excess of $40,000.

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  • Fair Work Australia
  • Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC)
  • Australian Industrial Registry (AIR)
  • Australian Fair Pay Commission (AFPC)
  • Australian Fair Pay Commission Secretariat (AFPC Secretariat)

So what’s the takeaway for employers from the Fair Work Commission Annual Report? The general subject of unfair dismissal and the process around responding to a claim from an ex-employee continues to be a source of confusion, lost time and unnecessary expense for most business owners and managers.

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