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How to Throw Away Money: Don’t Provide a Fair Work Information Statement

Thinking of buying a new luxury vehicle with this week’s earnings? Can’t decide between the 2017 Bentley, McLaren or Ferrari? If this is you, read no further. If, however, you’re an employer who’d prefer not to give away up to $54,000 of your hard-earned cash, here’s a tip:

If you provide a Fair Work Information Statement (FWIS) to all new employees upon commencement, you might save yourself a few dollars in Fair Work Commission penalties.

Who needs to provide the Statement?

The National Employment Standards (NES) are 10 minimum employment entitlements applying to all employees in the national workplace relations system – a collection of legislation applying to most employees and employers in Australia. The NES entitlements include maximum standard weekly working hours, parental and adoption leave, public holidays and annual leave. An employer must not contravene a provision of the NES.

Sitting at number 10 is “The right for new employees to receive the Fair Work Information Statement.”

What is the Fair Work Information Statement?

The Fair Work Information Statement is a 2-page document containing an overview of the NES, the role of the Fair Work Commission and Fair Work Ombudsman, termination of employment and a list of the ten minimum workplace entitlements. An employer must give each new employee the Statement before (or as soon as practicable after) the employee starts his or her employment.

A contravention of a provision of the NES may result in penalties of up to $10,800 for an individual and $54,000 for a corporation.

You can download the FWIS here

Stay on top of employee requirements

Ensuring each member of your team is provided with a Fair Work Information Statement upon commencement is one step to ensure compliance with Part 2-2 of the Fair Work Act 2009.

There are a number of other requirements for employers; why not contact Bare Bones Consulting for a chat to see if you’re meeting your obligations?

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