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The manufacturing industry in Australia employs 6.6% of the Australian workforce. That’s around 925,000 people working in this sector.

There’s plenty to like about being an employer in the manufacturing industry: new government initiatives to help Australian manufacturers scale-up, compete internationally and create jobs, the positive public connection to the “Australia Made” brand and your pride in turning out a quality finished product.

There’s also no shortage of challenges: high costs for raw materials and imported components, ongoing machine and equipment maintenance, maintaining production volumes…the list goes on.

Your key to success? Remaining flexible and adapting to changing industry trends in order to keep growth prospects strong. This includes your ability to build competitive advantage through a skilled, stable and reliable workforce.

Standing in your way is one of the most complex Awards in the Australian industrial relations system: the Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award 2020. 195 pages, 14 classifications of employees, a separate Pay Guide of 206 pages and 111 allowances that can apply to workers in your industry.

Wouldn’t life be easier with a Human Resources (HR) expert with genuine experience in manufacturing to be call on when needed? Someone who can help you find and keep the best workers plus navigate you through the Award so you don’t end up in front of the Fair Work Commission for not classifying or paying your employees correctly?

That’s where Bare Bones Consulting steps up for you. With over 20 years in the HR game, we specialise in providing the best human resources advice, employment documents and systems for employers in the manufacturing sector. Our clients include manufacturers of timber products, medical equipment, building and construction chemicals, fitness equipment, pharmaceuticals, electrical and fabrication, beauty products and food and beverage lines.

We’ll help you with:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Workplace policies and procedures
  • Award classifications and rates of pay
  • Managing underperformance
  • Employee motivation and engagement
  • Recruitment, interview and selection
  • Dispute resolution
  • Leading Hand professional development
  • Fair Work Commission matters

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Note: Bare Bones Consulting provides HR services for employers. Employees seeking advice on workplace concerns should contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94.