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HR Specialist in Allied Health & Medical Sector

Running a medical or allied health practice is challenging: a complex regulatory environment, insurances, managing data, challenging patients, staff shortages…sound familiar?

There’s no argument things are easier when you can find and keep the best people.

Bare Bones Consulting specialises in HR services to the healthcare sector. Our clients include general practices, medical specialists and surgery clinics.

Why Choose Bare Bones Consulting?

We know the Awards that apply to the healthcare industry and our HR advice is tailored to your Practice, people and specific needs.

We’ll show you how to protect your business by having smart HR procedures and policies in place, help you find that perfect Practice Manager, Nurse or Receptionist, embed strategies to retain your high performers and show you simple ways to raise the engagement and output of your entire team.

Examples of what Bare Bones Consulting can do for you

  • Contracts and Position Descriptions
  • Workplace policies and procedures
  • Managing underperformance
  • Employee motivation and engagement
  • Unfair Dismissal and General Protections management
  • Recruitment, interview and selection
  • Strategic HR planning
  • Reward and recognition structure
  • Bullying and harassment awareness
  • Employee professional development
  • Dispute resolution
  • Workforce and succession planning
  • Team building
  • Employee handbooks
  • Performance reviews
  • Correct Award classification of Nurses, Health Professionals and Support staff.

When you have the right HR function and people in place, things are simply easier for you.

Retaining the best people means less time dealing with HR paperwork and employee drama. And this translates to more time for the things that matter to you…including time for yourself.

After all, you’ve invested more than enough effort getting to this point in your career…time to get some of that time back.

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