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Finding the right Gold Coast HR Consultant

Planning to outsource your human resources function? Looking for a Gold Coast HR Consultant to make life easier? Smart move: you’ve experienced how much time you currently spend drafting your own employment documents, keeping up to date with changing employment laws and dealing with staff drama. You realise your time could be better spent building your business…or having a better work/life balance. So you bite the bullet and commence your hunt for the right Gold Coast HR Consultant. Like some tips to save you time and money? Damn right you would.

Subscription-based providers    

Subscription-based providers offer HR document templates and advice for a fixed monthly or annual fee. Pros? The fixed cost element has the advantage of you being able to budget your annual HR spend. The larger providers also offer insurance for legal fees in the event you find yourself faced with a workplace claim. Cons? Cost (goddamn expensive), being locked into a contract, HR documents available are generally generic templates, a limited number of calls to their advice line (unless you purchase one of their premium packages) and often, their “once you’ve paid your subscription, there’s nothing else to pay” claim may not be entirely accurate.

There’s little argument that Subscription-based HR providers have their place. If you know exactly what you need and know employment legislation well enough to tailor their templates to your business, they are worth considering. But do your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

The single subject matter expert Consultant

We’ve noticed a number of HR Consultants come from a recruitment background. Pro? Excellent experience when you need advice with recruitment. But here’s the catch: recruitment expert and HR expert are two different things. Recruitment is one element of HR, alongside other components of the profession such as industrial relations, learning and development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, HR information systems and organisational design. Again, do your homework: ask your HR Consultant about their professional background and what level of HR management they’ve reached prior to becoming a HR Consultant. Check out our FAQ page and our response to the question “Why use Bare Bones Consulting as opposed to another HR consulting firm?” if you’re looking for some guidance to the right questions to ask.

When it comes to searching for a Gold Coast HR Consultant, you’ll find a range of established businesses as well as new players in the market, both subscription-based and otherwise. Great for the end user; more competition typically means only the best Consultants survive. And there’s some really good ones out there ready to help your business prosper in 2020. But there’s also some shockers. We know…our clients have told us before they’ve made the switch to Bare Bones Consulting.

Good news? Choosing the right Gold Coast HR Consultant doesn’t have to cause you headaches. Bare Bones Consulting specialises in tailoring HR to your business to save you money, reduce employee drama and drive your revenue. Use us as often or as little as you like: one document or a full suite, no lock-in subscriptions and a simple per-hour rate. That rate includes your Bare Bones Consultant with 20+ years in the HR game and genuine HR Manager-level experience.

Sound good? Check out our expertise here and Google “Bare Bones Consulting” to read reviews from a few of our valued clients. Why not like our Facebook page after you’ve checked us out? It’s not all about the nerdy HR stuff and we throw in free tips and advice to save you money…can’t beat free, right?

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