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HR for my business: where do I start?

I sat in on a digital marketing information session recently. I knew very little about this topic when I walked in and, as the session continued, I began to see real value in adopting a digital marketing strategy for my own business. But as informative as this session was, I walked out without knowing where to start. And that got me thinking…perhaps other business owners are out there asking the same question about human resources: “I know I should have HR for my business…but where do I start?”.

Business owners are typically technical experts in their own field. Few however, know much about Human Resources: what they really need insofar as employment documents and policies, why they might need certain things, what they should consider top priorities and what elements might be classified a little lower down the list – the “must haves”, “should haves” and “nice to haves” of HR, if you will.

So…let’s go with the number 1 “must have”.

Managing your HR risk is your top priority. Protecting your business so you can continue to operate.

Ask yourself this question: am I 100% sure I know what’s likely to bite me if I don’t have it?

Some risks are obvious. Like the chance you’ll suffer some type of penalty if you fail to pay your people correctly. Or the legal ramifications of an employee suffering an accident should you elect to have no Worker’s Compensation policy. But other things fly under the radar when it comes to managing your HR risk. And you need to know about them. Take the National Employment Standards (NES), for example…do you know about each of the 10 standards? Compliant with each one? There are fines of up to $63,000 for a contravention of the NES. Imagine the effect on your business if you were found liable for multiple breaches?

It’s hard to know where to start if you’re not exactly sure of your obligations as an employer. And it’s understandable you might not be aware…this stuff is probably not your field of expertise. Like me and digital marketing.

So….let’s simplify things. Give Bare Bones Consulting a call. We provide advice on the HR “must haves”, “should haves” and “nice to haves” as these apply to your business. We can show you the logical place to start, what you can do yourself, what you should consider outsourcing, how much things cost and what tangible benefits you can expect from having them in place. And everything in plain English and tailored to your business, operating environment and people.

Your first consultation with Bare Bones Consulting is free and there’s no ongoing obligation. If you like what we say and how we operate, we get it happening. If not, you’ve lost only some time. Either way, we guarantee you’ll leave with an understanding of the first steps to get the right HR for you. So you don’t end up like me in my marketing session…knowing I need something but not knowing where to start.

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