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What’s keeping you awake at night?

So we roll over to a new financial year. Things are going to different this year, right? Why not start by fixing the things keeping you awake at night?

I regularly receive calls from employers asking for advice on dealing with a certain HR situation. Sometimes they confide they’re not sure what they need to insofar as HR documents or for compliance with their obligations as an employer.

A good starting point? How about the things that keep you up at night?

There’s little argument you can let certain HR things slide…at least for a while. Habitually late employee? Maybe. Other matters, not so much. Like your obligations to comply with payroll and records keeping. Fair Work penalty of $355,000 anyone? How about $33,000 for failing to correctly calculate notice period entitlements? I’d suggest the owners of these businesses had at least a couple of sleepless nights before things hit the fan. 

The following are common “what keeps me awake at night” HR scenarios:

  • What documents do I really need for my business compliance under the Fair Work Act?
  • How do I know I’m paying my employees correctly?
  • Hourly rates…annual salaries: can I pick which one I offer? Is there anything specific I need for each arrangement?
  • Person X just isn’t working out. The thought of unfair dismissal freaks me out though…what can I do?

First step? Deep breath. The reality is that for most small to medium businesses – and by that I mean ones without their own in-house HR professional – you may not need a lot for compliance. Once you have this key piece of the HR jigsaw in place, you simply conduct a review each year to ensure you’re up to date with current obligations. Once your compliance is sorted, you can then move to something that actually drives business revenue: making sure you have the right support structure to get the best from your people. Again, doesn’t need to be difficult, time consuming or expensive…you just have to make the commitment to start and make sure you get it right. Preferably first time. 

Running a business is hard and if you’re reading this, it’s likely HR isn’t your speciality. Your options? Take the time to learn everything about the HR you need or…get some help from someone who actually knows. Whichever you choose, now is a perfect time to make the commitment to fix the things that keep you awake at night.

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