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Millennials and employment: capitalising on “Generation Me”- part 2

Only have Gen X and Y’s in your workplace? Think you don’t have to worry about millennials and employment? Think again…according to a recent Deloitte Millennial Survey, millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.

Together with technical savvy and social attitude, millennials bring to work a new perception of what office life should be like and how relationships between employers and employees should be structured. These expectations can result in friction in the workplace, not only from business owners striving to create a “one team” environment, but from colleagues from other generations who often view millennials as overly sensitive individuals demanding special treatment.

Like some food for thought in structuring work practices to get the best from your millennial team members? Here’s a summary from a number of sources:

    • Focus on the big picture. Millennials want to know what they are doing has a purpose. Ensure they are aware of the company vision and culture and where they (and their contribution) fits into it.
    • Increase responsibility. Millennials want to feel they matter and have an impact at work. Provide tasks with real consequences if the task does not get accomplished. This gives them a sense of ownership and motivates them to be more productive.
    • Engage them with real time feedback on performance and progress…both good and bad.
    • Review your incentives. Millennials respond to instant gratification, whether this be recognition, work/life balance, professional development opportunities or access to the latest technology. This is a group expecting results more rapidly than previous generations and, as the number of millennials in the workplaces increases, companies will benefit from more frequent review of their traditional promotional practices.

There’s no question millennials and employment are two words that often equal high maintenance for employers. But this is true of individuals in any age group and, like any group, millennials can also add tangible value to your organisation… if you take the time to understand them. They possess the knowledge, ingenuity, curiosity and passion to help keep your services relevant and promote your business to customers in their age group…and that group is growing.

Like to know more? Bare Bones Consulting specialises in two things: managing your HR risk and getting the best from your people. Whatever generations you have in your workplace we have tactics and strategies to get the best from them…and this means dollars in your pocket!

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