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New Year HR resolutions that you can stick to

With many of you reopening this week after the festive break, here’s three New Year HR resolutions to save you time, money and drama in 2021.  

1. Recognise employees who are doing well

Establishing effective recognition and reward systems for your team has tangible benefits for your business: happier, more engaged and better performing employees.

While few people would say no to an increase in their remuneration, more money is rarely the answer to improving productivity and job satisfaction. Behavioural research shows financial motivators do not change the attitudes that can contribute to an employee’s underlying behaviours.

So what’s the first step toward changing these attitudes?  Recognising those who perform well. Do it consistently. And show you mean it. Step two: find someone with the HR management experience to help you develop the right employee engagement strategy for your business. This will embed your recognition intentions into a concrete plan, with benefits including:

  • greater productivity and innovation
  • reduced employee turnover
  • lower absenteeism
  • increased customer satisfaction, repeat business and word of mouth referrals

2. Do something about your underperformers

Few people come to work to fail. That said, underperformance (for whatever reason) is not uncommon and issues not addressed have the potential to escalate over time. Direct risks include decreased productivity levels, lessened quality of work, increased management time dedicated to handling issues and decreased morale across your entire workplace. 

While employers often hesitate in dealing with underperformance, let’s be frank: your problem won’t go away if you ignore it. The Fair Work Ombudsman offers a range of resources to guide employers in managing underperformance matters or, we can show you simple and cost effective ways to address matters when people go off track. It’s generally nowhere near as complex or unpleasant as you might expect and, once you know a few simple techniques, you’ll deal with any issue of underperformance with confidence. 

3. Get your HR policies in order…or get an Employee Handbook

Well constructed HR policies provide structure, control and consistency. They ensure compliance with employment legislation, inform employees of company expectations and can provide a valuable reference when faced with employee disputes or having to defend your business against legal claims

Most small to medium sized business require only a few key HR policies. Smart employers recognise optimal results come from tailored policies, focused on their industry, employee profile and company risk and growth factors. While having HR policies as separate documents is not uncommon, why not consider the benefits of collating your HR policies into a single resource: the Employee Handbook?  Check out our short blog on the how’s and whys of Employee Handbooks here.

New Year HR resolutions: two great reasons to act now

  1. Increased receptivity to change: the New Year provides an excellent opportunity to draw a line in the sand around expectations of employee performance and conduct; take actions to address existing issues, recognise those contributing to your business and identify those not.
  2. Your good people will leave if you do nothing: many people less satisfied in their work environment consider their employment options at this time of year. It would be unfortunate to have good people leave your business simply as a result of them feeling unappreciated. And starting to fix this feeling is simple. 

Like to know more? Give Bare Bones Consulting a call. Start 2021 the way you intend to finish it: smart, strong and in a better position than last year. That’s one resolution we can help you keep!

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