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Positive psychology at work

For many of us, the difficult conversations with employees around performance or behavioural issues are challenging. No one really enjoys sitting an adult down to discuss underperformance and, when following best practice around handling workplace disciplinary issues, the whole process takes time…and time equals money. Your money.

One way to reduce the amount of disciplinary discussions is to create an environment where your team members provide you fewer reason to do so. One method gaining traction is the use of positive psychology in the workplace.

Martin Seligman is an American psychologist, educator and author, specialising in fields of positive psychology and learned helplessness (which in itself is worth checking out). In his 2012 book Flourish, Martin identifies five core elements of psychological well-being and happiness. Under the PERMA model he describes what we can do to maximize each element.

Employee engagement is a term becoming increasingly relevant in our workplaces. Seligman contests we all need something in our lives that entirely absorbs us into the present moment, creating a flow of immersion into the task or activity. This type of flow of engagement is important to stretch our intelligence, skills, and emotional capabilities.

From an employer benefits perspective, engaged employees deliver improved productivity, product quality and lower levels of workplace conflicts and grievances. Imagine what you could achieve if your people were increasingly engaged? For one thing, the number of issues of underperformance and misconduct would decrease as your team members find positivity, purpose and a sense of accomplishment in their work.

There’s plenty of ways to increase team engagement through positive psychology. A logical first step is understanding what positive psychology is and why it might be worth considering. Check out this quick YouTube overview:

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