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Recruiting for results: easier than you might think!

Recently I saw an interesting infographic on the recruitment industry, leading me to ponder why what is essentially a simple process is often shrouded in mystery for employers. So let’s take an objective look at recruiting for results and what might be some smart alternatives to using a recruitment agency.

Recruitment is something many employers find daunting. Your key skills generally revolve around your business, not recruitment, so some uncertainty is natural. But let’s get real: while finding candidates and hiring the right person can be a challenge, the process professional recruiters follow is actually quite simple. There’s a reason recruitment is the department many HR professionals start their careers in…and that’s because it’s an often repetitive process, easy to learn and provides new HR professionals grounding in key people skills.

Before we start getting bombarded with complaints from recruiters, let’s qualify with this. There are definitely times an agency is the smart option for recruitment. If you have no time or desire to recruit for yourself and you’re happy to pay a third party to do this on your behalf, knock yourself out. If you’ve done everything you can to find the right employee for your business, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use an agency to present candidates for your vacancy.

If however, you take the perspective that spending a little time to demystify the recruitment process so you have less reliance on agencies across the lifetime of your business, why not give it a shot?

Starting point to recruiting for results? Any reference source that is free, independent in nature and with industry credibility is a logical choice. There’s a number of such sources available to employers, including the Queensland Government Business Queensland website on recruiting and interviewing and Fair Work Ombudsman’s Guide to Hiring New Employees.

In conjunction with credible reference sources, a HR expert can often provide another point of reference on recruiting for your particular business and industry in today’s market. Quality consultants are always able to back up their opinions with examples on what they’ve done to deliver recruitment outcomes for their clients.

Bare Bones Consulting are experts in all aspects of HR, including recruitment. Our services range from a single piece of advice or employment document through to our Recruitment Toolkit – the documents and knowledge you need to recruit like the professionals. We can show you:

  • The most effective places to advertise for your industry
  • Responding to applicants to build your employer brand
  • Preparation is everything: set yourself up for success
  • The right questions to find the right person
  • Discrimination: the balance between protecting yourself and knowing what you can and can’t ask
  • Effective referee checks to reduce your risk of hiring the wrong person

Our expertise provides everything you need…right up to making the offer of employment. And we can help with that too!

So if you’re ready to save time, money and drama with recruitment, give Bare Bones Consulting a call. Recruiting for results is just one part of what we can do for you. Our approach to HR is based on a simple premise: we look after your business like it’s our own. Check us out here.

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