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Recruitment for SME’s: a better way

When it comes to recruitment for SME’s, business owners often follow the same process as they did last time in the hope they’ll find Mr or Ms Right.

But there’s a simpler way. And it delivers better outcomes at lower cost.

Good people are a strong point of difference

As an employer, you recognise your people are what makes your business unique.

Any product or service can be replicated…what can never be copied are the personalities, skills and culture of your team. And that’s what makes people your most important asset.

When a great team member leaves, it can be painful in a lot of ways.

Business intelligence walks out the door, your people lose a valuable colleague and you as the business owner lose money.

The cost of losing an employee

Depending on what literature you read, one person departing costs you an average of $24,000 when it comes to rehiring a replacement.

Components of employee turnover costs include expenses for the administration of the termination, in-house hiring, lost productivity while the position remains vacant, training and induction of your newbie, as well as lost productivity while your existing employees cover for the new person until they become productive – It all adds up.

We’ve written a number of articles on retaining your best team members through employee engagement but the reality is, sometimes people just leave a job.

So it’s on with your recruitment hat and off you go.

You’ve done it before so you follow the same process and hope for the best. But hiring the wrong person is a costly mistake for your organisation.

What if we could show you a better way to recruit?

When it comes to recruitment for SME’s, employers typically focus their interview questions around a candidate’s technical skills: the ability to do the job.

This is logical…you want someone who can hit the ground running and start to add value as soon as possible.

But the reality is that most new employees don’t fail because of a lack of technical skills; it’s in two other areas.

So it makes sense you know what these are and ensure your recruitment and selection process involves ticking these boxes.

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Bare Bones Consulting isn’t a recruitment agency…we’re much more.

We specialise in showing employers the tips and tricks professional recruiters use to source the best candidates, prepare for interviews, ask the right questions and find the hidden referees who can provide accurate information on your preferred candidate.

Does it work? How about this…we can have one of our satisfied clients (see recruitment case study here) call and let you know how valuable they feel it’s been to their business – That’s how confident we are.

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