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Your top HR priority in 2023

Your top HR priority in 2023 is to fix that issue that cost you big last year.

The new year is the perfect time to review your team structure and make some decisions around:

  • your top performers: strategies to hang onto these guys
  • flight risks: identifying who might jump ship in 2023
  • your underperformers: what to do when people just aren’t adding value

While all are important to your HR planning, bullet point 3 on this list is arguably your top priority right now. Why this one?

  • You pay big for little: it costs you a minimum of 1.5 times an employee’s annual salary to cover the costs associated with employing that person. Which means an employee on a salary of $50,000 needs to deliver $75,000 in dollars brought in, cost savings or customer value each year. Just for you to break even. Are you getting a positive return on your investment from each person?
  • The example underperformance sets: once your team members see others slacking off, they will either start to do the same or resent that they are carrying an unfair burden. Your good people will leave. And who are you left with? One guess.
  • Less ongoing cost/drama: once everyone in the team recognises they are held equally accountable for results, the less time and money you’ll spend managing underperformance in the long run.
  • Positive group dynamic is gold:  having everyone performing well, pulling their weight and heading in the same direction is essential to developing and retaining the best team. That’s dollars in your pocket in more ways than one.

So where do you start? With your commitment…put on your big boy/girl/they pants and pledge to doing something about the underperformance issue that cost you time and money last year.

Once this decision’s made, you just need an action plan. You could invest the time in trying fix things yourself but we think there’s a smarter option: call in the experts. At Bare Bones Consulting, we have the genuine HR experience to develop the right solution for you…at a value for money price. And it starts with asking one simple question about each of your employees. That question? Call us today to find out. Why Bare Bones Consulting? Check out our Google reviews.

Top HR priority for 2023: sorted!

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